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Hi, I’m Debbie

I am a mom of 2 and I love to talk about motherhood, family, and relationships. I also love to read a lot and writing is a creative outlet for me.

While pregnant with my second baby, I was placed on bed rest for 4 months. Because I was limited in movement, I spent that time researching and learning as much as I could. Well, I also watched a whole lot of movies, read a bunch of books, and slept way more than I would normally, but that’s beside the point. In case you are a mama on bed rest, I have a whole list of things you can do while on bed rest here because no one really prepares you for that phase.  

Because of all the down time I had to learn, I gathered so much information and then realized there’s no point of me having all these information and keeping it to myself. So I decided to share.

Enter Mother and Baby Love…

I have always loved writing, and I feel that I express myself best through the written word, it only made sense to share this information with other mothers through a blog.

So Mother and Baby Love was born. As a space for new moms to find useful information to empower them in their motherhood journey.

mother and baby love Debbie

See, I wasn’t always so informed about pregnancy, baby care, breastfeeding, and all about mom life. I struggled to settle into motherhood as a new mom when my first child was born.

I knew nothing about labor and delivery, breastfeeding was a nightmare for me, I was literally just winging it.

Thankfully, my son turned out all right as babies do, right? But if I had to do it again, I would want to have more info and be more prepared.

I noticed how different my experience was having my second born. It was very empowering to me as a mom. I made, and continue to make informed decisions and I am not always second-guessing myself.

Granted, I am not a perfect mother, nobody is. But being informed is better and I want to help you, as a new mama to be well prepared.

From one mom to another

Honestly, this site is a passion project. I want to share all the cool mom stuff I have learned and continue to learn. I want to recommend the products we are loving and the hacks that are making my life easier. One mom to another.

I also want to talk about the difficult topics. From surviving bed rest, dealing with preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes in pregnancy to preparing for an infant as well as raising a toddler. Let’s explore all these mom topics and become better moms for our sweet babies.

Ultimately, Mother and Baby Love is here for one goal, to empower a new mom and make their life easier.

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