What To Pack In A Diaper Bag- The Complete List of Diaper Bag Essentials you need

essential items to pack in your diaper bag

Congratulations on your baby! Welcome to the diaper bag-carrying club. This is one of those items that will go with you all the time as long as you have your baby with you. Here, I’m giving you the low down on all the items you should pack in there to be ready for the diaper bag journey.

Wait, you are wondering why you have to carry your diaper bag all the time? Okay let me tell you.

Babies mess themselves up all the time. They are either needing diaper change after they decided to poop right in the middle of nowhere, or they are throwing up.

Or, they are spitting up like crazy and suddenly need a change of clothes. Yeah, right there at your cousin Rachel’s wedding. Fair enough?

This journey is a roller coaster. It is fun. It is parenthood. Buckle up and welcome on board!

Now that you are here, I have been on this journey already, twice and loving it. I got you. Let’s get to it already.

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Diaper Bag Essentials For Your Baby

So let’s go through everything you need in your diaper bag and why.

what to pack in your diaper bag
  1. A portable changing pad– most diaper bags come with these. If yours doesn’t have it, feel free to buy a small waterproof changing pad that you can place your child on when changing them.
  2. Diapers – I like to keep about 6 diapers in my diaper bag at all times and increase this number if I am going out with the baby for a longer period. 
  3. A pack of disposable baby wipes.
  4. Diaper rash ointment/ Moisturizer – I like to use Vaseline to moisturize the baby’s skin after every wipe as well as protect them from a diaper rash. Feel free to pack your favorite ointment and /or moisturizer.
  5. Plastic bags/ disposable diaper sacks – to hold soiled diapers for disposal or to keep wet clothes.
  6. Travel-sized hand sanitizer – to sanitize your hands after changing the baby.
  7. Burp Clothes – To use when the baby is burping. You can also use them to cover boys when changing them to avoid accidents on your face. (Boy moms totally understand)
  8. Change of clothes – Have at least 2 sets of cloth changes for baby in your diaper bag at all times, keeping in mind how long you need to be our for.
  9. Baby Blanket – it always comes in handy when you least expect it.
  10. Bottles of expressed milk/ formula/ Baby food– this is necessary if you are bottle-feeding. Most diaper bags will have an insulated pocket for your bottles or baby food.
  11. Extra pair of socks
  12. Pacifier or a comfort item for your baby
  13. Hats and mittens to protect the baby from the sun or the cold with changing weather conditions.
  14. Snacks for older kids
  15. Sippy cup for toddler
  16. Sunscreen during summer

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Items to put in your diaper bag for mom: 

When I am carrying my baby’s diaper bag I prefer to also pack my stuff inside so that I avoid carrying an extra bag.

Here are a few things to pack in your diaper bag for mom:

  • Wallet
  • Mobile phone
  • Bottle of water/ your preferred drink
  • Keys
  • Shades/ Sunglasses – I hate it when I forget them!
  • Extra shirt – because chances are the baby is going to burp or spill something on you 🙂
  • Snacks

Other Extras

  • Pocket tissues
  • Nursing cover if you are breastfeeding
  • Baby toys
  • Baby carrier/ sling/wrap to carry the baby around.

What is in my diaper bag?

what to pack in your diaper bag (16 diaper bag essentials and more )

Are diaper bags necessary?

Yes and No. Like many other baby items, you can make do without a diaper bag but I definitely do find them very convenient.

You could decide to use your regular handbag or a normal backpack as a diaper bag.

If you decide to go that route, you will, however, miss out on the appropriately placed insulated pockets, multiple compartments perfect for all baby’s needs, and other small conveniences.

So, unless you are completely unable to afford one, I recommend you get a diaper bag.

Now that your diaper bag is packed…

I hope that this list was helpful and that you know exactly what to pack in your diaper bag and get ready to go. You probably do not need every single item above (see the 9 items in mine) but this should provide a nice base point to start. If you need more inspiration, check out what is in my diaper bag here.

Now that your diaper bag is packed, can we start this ride already?

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