The Best Practical Gifts For The Mom In Your Life

The very best gifts for new moms

It is the season to gift the moms in your life again and you better get them the perfect gift.

We often say that when it comes to giving gifts it is the thought that counts. However, not all gifts are made equal, you have to find one that will be well appreciated.

The gifts I am sharing with you here are so practical, they will make any mom really happy.

I have curated this as a gift list for new moms because well, I just had my baby a few months ago, so I am biased :-). The gifts can be a hit with any mom for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and other special occasions too. But because I am biased, I am just going to write this with new moms in mind. Use the list as it suits you.

Without further ado, here are some gifts that are sure to be a hit with any new mom.

best gifts for new moms for the festive season. Christmas gifts for new moms.

Practical Gift Ideas For The New Mom In Your Life

1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are the kind of gifts that will always be appreciated no matter who the recipient is. Whether it is to a local store like Target, a coffee shop like Starbucks or even an online store like Amazon, gift cards are always a hit. With all the increased expenses that come with a new baby, free money is always welcome.

Find out mama’s favorite store and get them gift cards. They are timeless gifts and she can use them to buy all the mom stuff and baby stuff that she needs. Trust me that will be appreciated.

2. Instant Pot

I am in love with my Instant Pot and I am yet to find a mom who doesn’t like hers. It is every mom’s must-have kitchen tool. Especially when your hands are full with a new baby in the house.

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The Instant Pot is not just an electric pressure cooker, it can serve as a rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, egg cooker and even as a yogurt maker. As if that is not enough, mom can use it as a warmer or to even sterilize baby feeding bottles.

It is that one gadget that eliminates the need for so many other stuff in the kitchen. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Best Christmas gift for mom?

If you are in doubt, get an Instant Pot!

3. iRobot Roomba

The best attribute of the iRobot is that it is a robot 😀 You don’t need to be holding it all around the house to ensure your house is clean.

With a new baby in the home, mama has her hands full. Finding enough time to vacuum the house often remains just a wish. What better gift to give than a robot vacuum cleaner?

Here comes the iRobot as a perfect gift for the busy new mom.

4. Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

One of the most amazing subscriptions any new mom can have is Amazon Prime. Having a newborn comes with a lot of restrictions on when you can get out of the house and for how long.

The convenience of a Prime subscription would be precious.

Follow the step by step instructions below to purchase Prime Gift membership for someone you love.

Amazon Prime offers free overnight shipping which is a lifesaver for a new mom. Considering also the subscribe and save options that one can use to get diapers at a discounted cost, this is a gift that every mom would really appreciate. Free music and videos are also a great perk to have.

Don’t worry if your gift recipient is already an Amazon Prime member or does not want the subscription. They can always exchange it for an Amazon gift card.

With all the benefits, it really doesn’t get better than that!

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5. Amazon Echo Smart Speaker(“Alexa”)

best gifts for new moms- the amazon echo

The Amazon Echo voice-controlled smart speaker is a perfect holiday gift for a new mom.

The Echo can play music, order pizza, read a book, predict the weather and guess what? It can also double up as a noise machine! That’s a winner when you have a newborn.

If you prefer Google, a Google Home is also pretty good so you can give that instead.

6. Meal Subscription Service

best gifts for new moms - meal delivery service

Sometimes you want to cook but you have no time to go out and buy all the ingredients you need.

This is even worse with a newborn. There’s hardly any time to go out and run errands, leave alone doing any significant grocery shopping.

This makes meal subscription services some of the best gifts for new moms. They will deliver all the ingredients you need for a full meal as well as the recipes. Surely this is such a thoughtful gift, every new mom would really appreciate it.

Some meal delivery services to consider:

  • Hello Fresh
  • Home Chef
  • Green Chef
  • Sun Basket
  • Blue Apron

What Do New Moms Really Want? – The Best Gifts For New Moms

What every mom really wants is a practical gift that increases convenience and increases peace of mind in her life.

Get her :

  • Gift cards for extra money to keep the diapers and wipes coming, and also for mama to treat herself.
  • Amazon Prime for a great entertainment subscription, free shipping is awesome to have.
  • An Instant pot or a meal service subscription to get her a home-cooked meal without the extra hassle involved and save her precious time.
  • An Amazon Echo smart speaker (“Alexa”) for the convenience of controlling different aspects of her home by just the sound of her voice.

What are you giving the mother in your life for Mother’s day?

13 thoughts on “The Best Practical Gifts For The Mom In Your Life”

  1. I absolutely love your list of gift ideas for new moms… my kids are 6 and 8 years old and I would love every single one of these gifts. A meal subscription service – oh YES please and a robot vacuum, what mom wouldn’t love one of those?

    I’m also a huge fan of gift cards, so that I can go and choose something that I really want or need at the time. You just can’t go wrong with that.

    I really want to get an instant pot. I’ve got a slow cooker which I love, but having more functionality would be amazing!

  2. I love how considerate this is of the changed lifestyle of new moms. I think my favorite is the hot pot. What an eye opener as to how versatile the device can be utilized. I’ll be sure to safe that list for when I’m a Mom !! :))

    1. I have a soft spot for new moms because I know how challenging this season of life can be. I absolutely love my instant pot for it’s versatility though I recently saw a Ninja that is both a pressure cooker, slow cooker and air fryer, all at the same time! It’s amazing.

  3. Thanks for the very clear and concise breakdown. I’m always looking for gifts for my wife whether it’s Mother’s Day or not.

    I like the look of the food subscription as well as the Roomba. How effective is the Roomba? I mean, does it get the floor really clean?


    1. The Roomba cleans so well. On rugs, carpet, hardwood, tile, and linoleum, all great. It senses steps well without issues. I have not heard any of my friends who use the Roomba complain about it falling off the stairs. I have to say though that the more recent models are much better than the older one. I would recommend the i7 and the 880

      My friends with the 671 and 690 don’t like theirs very much because they don’t map the house very well and can miss spots.

  4. Hi Debbie, thanks for the very concise and clear info. I’m always looking for presents for my wife whether it’s Mother’s Day or not.

    I like the meal subscription and the Roomba. How effective is the Roomba? I mean does it get the floor really clean? Also, how clever is it in sensing steps?


  5. Brilliant article to read, found it interesting to the point of commenting on how great a read I actually found it, well done and keep up the good work.
    This I have book marked for reference to it in the future!
    Thanks Jason

  6. What a fantastic list! My baby is now almost 18 months old, but all of these things would have come in especially handy when she was first born!

    I also LOVE my Instant Pot and use it all the time. The great part about gift cards is you can give them what they want, they choose and you pay–win win!
    I’ve never done a meal service subscription before, but it sounds amazing! My pick at the moment would be the Roomba. Set the robot and continue chasing a toddler;)

    ANY mom would benefit from every one of these gifts. Thanks for sharing a great ideas!

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