12 Incredible Parenting Tips For Moms Who Stress Too Much

parenting tips for moms who stress too much

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Today’s post was written by Saima of a super Tired Mom. As a mom of two, she is sharing with us 12 awesome parenting tips that we can all learn from. Parenting is hard, so we can always use more tips and become better at it. Learn more about Saima at the end of the post.

Becoming a mother is one of the sweetest feelings in this entire world. While it’s sweet, it is equally daunting! You have to take care of this tiny human all by yourself and then deal with their terrible two’s and what not!

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Here are the 12 parenting tips for moms who stress too much.

  1. Trust your instincts

I cannot emphasize more on this! Always trust your instincts and believe what they are trying to tell you. Sometimes being a mother, you will be in situations where you have to trust what you feel not what everyone else says. Go with it!

  1. Every kid is different

When I was a new mommy, I used to think I can apply all those hacks and tricks to my kids. Little did I know that this is not possible! All kids are different and have unique qualities. You cannot just do one thing with a kid just because it worked with another kid. 

So next time you want to enforce anything on your kid, be sure it goes with his uniqueness.

  1. Early bedtime is a lifesaver

There is one biggest reason for kids being moody and cranky and that is lack of sleep. If your kids are not sleeping on time and not getting enough sleep, they are going to push your limits. Early bedtime is good for their health, their mind, and your sanity.

It helps them keep a routine that can help them stay organized even when they grow up.

  1. Live in the moment

Being a mother has taught me that living in the moment is the trick to be happy. If you worry all time about commitments, cleaning, and laundry, you are going to miss these golden moments of your kid’s childhood.

You will never get that time back so live in the moment before it’s gone forever.

  1. Learn to say no

We all love our kids and we try our best to keep them happy and provide for them. Always fulfilling their demands and saying yes to everything they ask for may make them stubborn. They should be hearing no from you too. 

This will break their tiny hearts but they will learn to be patient with it and be prepared for practical life.

  1. All kids get sick and that’s okay

If you get panic every time your kid is sick, this isn’t going to work! Kids get sick all the time. They will fall and get bruises too. Learn to take it lightly. Just make sure your kids eat a healthy diet and get your stock for emergencies at home including Panadol, bandages, and band-aids. Nothing more to worry about!

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  1. Find your tribe

If there is one thing that still helps me release my stress that is talking to my mommy’s tribe. I know whatever I say, nobody judges me and I get amazing pieces of advice too. Having a bunch of people who you can call when you need is very important. Motherhood isn’t easy and every mother needs a supporting shoulder.

  1. Don’t compare your kids with others

If you want to kill your kid’s self-esteem, compare them with others. This is the worst thing you can do for your kids. Never do that! When other parents brag about their kid’s achievements and you feel like your kid isn’t brilliant, remember that it’s your job to stop this comparison right there. 

  1. Teach your kids basics of life

Your kids should learn how to do basic chores and stuff at home. Like cooking an omelet and toasting bread doesn’t require any science, so make them do it on their own. Make them do their laundry and room cleaning. They will thank you later trust me. Regardless of gender, all kids should learn this.

  1. Say sorry when you are wrong

We are parents but that doesn’t mean we never do mistakes. We do! And a responsible parent says sorry when he is wrong. This is essential to teach how they should say sorry when they are wrong. If you don’t do it, how can you teach them? Make your heart big for your kids and accept your mistakes when needed.

  1. Instill healthy eating habits from the start

When your kids are very young, teach them the importance of healthy eating. If you eat healthily, your kids will follow you. So, reduce the junk intake and serve more healthy food on the table. Kids who eat healthy keep this habit with them when they grow up. Don’t you want that?

  1. Be a role model

You are the whole universe for your child. He looks up to you for everything. Make sure you give them something they can be proud of. Good values, kindness, and anything you want them to learn, you have to follow yourself first. Be a role model for your kids.

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About the author:

Saima is a mom of two cute boys. She blogs full time at A Supertired Mom. She shares solutions to your motherhood problems in surprisingly simple ways.  When not writing, she is eating pizza and sipping strong tea. She loves glitters and celebrations and beaches.



Over to you, what are some of your best parenting tips for moms? Leave them in the comments below.

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Amazing Parenting Tips For Moms Who Stress Too Much
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