150 Short And Unique Baby Girl Names For 2020

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This post is a collection of 150 of the best short and unique baby girl names I could find. These names are really beautiful and perfect for the parent who prefers shorter baby names.

Whether you want to pair it with a longer first or middle name or with another short name, these names will pair perfectly. This is a follow-up baby girl names list after I created one with over 200 cute baby girl names and another one for old-fashioned girl names that won’t be going out of style any time soon.

With all these lists, there is definitely a name for everyone.

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101 Short and Cute Baby Boy Names

Personalized Pillow featuring ABBEY in photos of sign letters
Personalized Pillow featuring ABBEY in photos of sign letters

from: Etsy
  1. Abbey
  2. Ada
  3. Addi
  4. Adele
  5. Aimee
  6. Ajen
  7. Alaya
  8. Aleah
  9. Alia
  10. Allie
  11. Ally
  12. Alyssa
  13. Amara
  14. Amber
  15. Amna
  16. Amy
  17. Aniah
  18. Anna
  19. Anne
  20. Anya
  21. Aria
  22. Arial
  23. Ariel
  24. Arlah
  25. Asma
  26. Avery
  27. Ayla
  28. Azel
  29. Beau
  30. Belle
  31. Bex
  32. Billie
  33. Bria
  34. Cassie
  35. Chloe
  36. Christy
  37. Cora
  38. Cute
  39. Dani
  40. Dawn
  41. Dax
  42. Dolly
  43. Ebby
  44. Ebi
  45. Echo
  46. Elena
  47. Ella
  48. Ellie
  49. Elora
  50. Emma
  51. Emmie
  52. Esla
  53. Esme
  54. Eva
  55. Eve
  56. Evie
  57. Faye
  58. Fern
  59. Fleur
  60. Freya
  61. Hattie
  62. Holly
  63. Hui
  64. Indi
  65. Indy
  66. Ira
  67. Iris
  68. Irma
  69. Isla
  70. Ivy
  71. Jade
  72. Jane
  73. Jean
  74. Jené
  75. Jenna
  76. June
  77. Kai
  78. Kate
  79. Kay
  80. Kelly
  81. Kenzie
  82. Kim
  83. Kyla
  84. Laila
  85. Laura
  86. Lea
  87. Leah
  88. Leona
  89. Lila
  90. Lilly
  91. Lisa
  92. Lola
  93. Lori
  94. Lottie
  95. Luna
  96. Lyanna
  97. Lyla
  98. Lynn
  99. Maci
  100. Macie
  101. Maddy
  102. Mae
  103. Malia
  104. Mara
  105. Marla
  106. May
  107. Maya
  108. Meryl
  109. Mia
  110. Mila
  111. Miley
  112. Molly
  113. Mya
  114. Myra
  115. Noel
  116. Nora
  117. Nova
  118. Penny
  119. Pia
  120. Rae
  121. Rainy
  122. Reneé
  123. Rory
  124. Rose
  125. Rubi
  126. Ruby
  127. Sadie
  128. Sage
  129. Sara
  130. Shae
  131. Shiloh
  132. Sky
  133. Sophie
  134. Stella
  135. Tavia
  136. Teri
  137. Tess
  138. Thia
  139. Tia
  140. Tilly
  141. Tonya
  142. Torri
  143. Viola
  144. Yara
  145. Zara
  146. Zarli
  147. Zayla
  148. Zoe
  149. Zoey
  150. Zora

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Your Favorite Short Baby Girl Names From The List?

So, which short baby girl name did you love the most from this list? Are you going for both a short first name and middle name or one short one and a long one? Also, I’m really curious, do you hate nicknames or love them? Please let me know in the comments.

I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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150 short and unique baby girl names for 2020

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