19 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms In The First Trimester That Will Surprise You

weird and strange pregnancy symptoms that will surprise you

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So you are pregnant. Great! Congratulations, mama. Let me tell you a little secret, there are things no one prepares you for before getting pregnant. For me it was the weird pregnancy symptoms that I experienced.

Sometimes it seems like being pregnant is one great party for some people and a crazy huge roller coaster for others.

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annoying first trimester pregnancy signs

Some of those are the pregnancy symptoms that are totally weird and strange and will leave you wondering whether they are pregnancy-related.

They are.

And these are not the cravings, mood swings, nausea, and morning sickness (which turns out can be all-day-sickness), that everybody talks about.

There are more symptoms. Strange, weird, and sometimes annoying.

If you are experiencing any of these, don’t freak out. Thankfully you are not alone on this journey.

They are some of the ‘perks’ that come with pregnancy. Totally cool.

The Weirdest Pregnancy Symptoms that Women Experience

I asked several moms (including myself) what some of the strange pregnancy symptoms they experienced in the first trimester were and these are the most common.

You can read some of their experiences shared below.

1. Fake Periods

We all know that a major sign that you could be pregnant is missing your periods in the first month of pregnancy. Now imagine how weird it is when you have taken the pregnancy test and it is positive but then you start bleeding. 

Don’t panic just yet. There is something called implantation bleeding and it is fairly common. 

According to WebMd, “ Implantation bleeding is light bleeding from the vagina that happens in some women 10 to 14 days after conceiving a baby. You may think it’s just a light period, but it’s an early sign of pregnancy. It’s not dangerous, and you don’t need treatment.”

Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between implantation bleeding vs your period. This article from Parents has some great guidelines on how to tell. 

But as always, trust your instinct. If you are concerned, speak to your doctor.

2. Cramping

Cramping is the other unexpected symptom that was reported.

Here’s what Jo had to say:

“I had cramps 2 weeks before my missed period and never had it happen before, then felt light-headed one day almost fainted. Then when I really knew, I thought I had a stomach bug, checked my flo app and I had missed my period and took a test”

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surprising early pregnancy signs in first trimester

3. Headache

If you have been getting strange headaches and dizzy spells, it could be related to your pregnancy.

“I would have these massive headache/dizzy spells and my face would get so hot and my brain would hurt so bad and I felt like I was gonna pass out and then it would stop as fast as it came” ~Ann

Make sure you mention them to your doctor at the next visit, they may have some tips on how to deal with it.

4. Bleeding gums and toothaches

Bleeding gums and tooth pain. I personally found this to be such a weird pregnancy symptom but it happens.

One of my respondents, Cas had this to share:

“Bleeding gums. Apparently, they get inflamed in some women bc of all the extra blood produced during pregnancy.”

5. Excessive pooping

Can you imagine pooping every ten minutes? Well, believe it or not, it happens to some sweet mamas during pregnancy.

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6. Eye twitching

I personally experienced eye twitching during pregnancy but I did not find out that it was pregnancy-related until much, much later.

Ya’s experience: “Eye twitching was a pregnancy symptom that was normal that I had and didn’t know lol it stopped once I was on the second trimester” 

7. Weird Extremely Vivid/ Crazy Dreams and Nightmares

A lot of women experience sex dreams when they are pregnant while others have nightmares that may or may not involve something bad happening to the baby.  

8. Strange pregnancy symptoms: Severe Hiccups

Hiccups? Yep, you read that right.

Frequent hiccup spurts are common during pregnancy. They are not a cause for major concern though and can be avoided by eating slowly and in a relaxed manner

9. Burping 

Just like hiccups, burping is also another strange thing you might experience during pregnancy.

One of our mamas described it perfectly, “Violent spontaneous burping. I could be in the middle of a sentence and belch in someone’s face .”

Gross. But then again, pregnancy!

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10. Constipation

While some people experience excessive pooping as a pregnancy symptom in the first trimester, others have a hard time doing it at all. Constipation is real.

Super Strange Pregnancy Symptoms

early first trimester pregnancy struggles - being sleepy all the time

11. Exhaustion and Shortness of breath

Exhaustion during the first trimester is one of those strange symptoms that I personally underrated.

You would think that since the tummy isn’t grown so much you should not be so tried, right?  Wrong. 

I was so tired in the first trimester during both my pregnancies it was astonishing. I could not walk a few steps or talk without running out of breath. You might experience shortness of breath even after just eating. 

I had more strength and less exhaustion in the second trimester though, so there’s hope.

12. Being Sleepy all the time

Okay, funny story. Just before I found out I was pregnant, I almost tendered in my resignation from my job.

I was so tired and sleepy at work that I thought I was burned out and needed a break from work. Little did I know, it had been a pregnancy symptom all along. Thank God I had not resigned!  

13. Weird pregnancy symptom – Strange taste in the mouth

Some mamas have mentioned getting a metallic taste in the mouth during pregnancy

14. Running nose/ Stuffed Nose

Without a cold or anything 

Here’s Dani’s experience: “Sinus symptoms… literally went to the doctor for sinus issues and found out I was pregnant lol they told me it’s really common to have sinus/cold symptoms in early pregnancy”

15. Bad gas

The farting during pregnancy!…

That’s all I am going to say on this one.

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16. Canker Sores

“Freaking canker sores all over the roof of my mouth. Apparently, it’s a reaction to all of the hormones and is common in some women” – Abby

I hate this one!

17. Heartburn

Some women experience terrible heartburn / acid reflux…

Thankfully, you can do something about it with this tips and home remedies for heartburn

18. Insomnia

While for some insomnia may not start in the first trimester, it is not uncommon for you to lose sleep very early in the pregnancy. 

It is the irony of pregnancy, some want to sleep soo bad and can’t sleep while others can hardly stay awake when they want to.

19. Sore Nipples

“My nipples feeling like they’re on fire when they get hard/cold”

Have you experienced any strange/weird pregnancy symptoms?

strange, weird and surprising pregnancy symptoms that no one told you about
strange weird surprising early pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester

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